Digital Marketing Package

Business Manager Package


Primary Marketing Web Page

  • Target Market Analyst
  • Brand, Image and Mission Consultation
  • Web Design with a purpose
  • Professionally Written Sales Copy
  • A Logo that Stands Out
  • Graphics and Image editing
  • Google Business Map Integration
  • Mobile Friendly Single Page Website
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Optimized Page Descriptions
  • Keywords in your content
  • Google Analytics Dashboard
  • Website in SubDomain
  • Website Hosted at a US Data-center

Business Builder Package


Optimize On-line Properties

  • Everything in "Prime" Plus features below
  • Customer Comments or LeadGen Form on Website
  • Shared Content Protocol Posting
  • Google "My Business"
    • Most comprehensive business directory
    • Posting once per month in your Google My Business Listing
  • Instagram Account Integration
    • Visual marketing to enhance your brand
  • Analysis with Google Webmaster Tools
  • Local Search Results Optimization
  • Social Integration with back-links

Marketing Manager Package


Get online at your budget

  • All "Prime" home features included
  • 200 dollar budget for your second page.
  • Staff prices clearly billed against your budget.
  • $15/Hr Client Consultant
  • $10/Hr Copywriters
  • $10/Hr Graphic Design
  • $12/Hr Video Editing
  • $12/Hr Market and SEO Analyst
  • $12/Hr SEM Campaign Planners
  • $12/Hr Adwords Marketer
  • $8/Hr Social Net-workers
  • $15/Hr SEO Bloggers
  • $20/Hr Web Development
  • Want more? Just top off your account.
  • Call your client admin and tell them what's next.

The Process

Designing and building a great website is paramount for company’s success, but implementing that into your overall digital marketing campaign is also crucial. From defining your perfect client to building your brand and, finally, creating synergy through social media and search engine awareness, here is our 5-step process to do just that:

Identify your target market

These days, smart companies make sure to get laser focused when marketing. We’ll present you with valuable research into the demographics, behavioral characteristics, and lifestyle identifiers of your target market. Knowing and understanding their needs, wants, problems, and passions is the key to a successful website.

Build your brand

Put simply, your brand is your promise to your customers and clients. Therefore, your brand should be clear, recognizable, and perceived in a positive light. You know why you're in business – but it’s important that your customers know, too.

Customer engagement

Building a brand is always the starting line, but you’ll only reach the finish line when the prospect takes action. Therefore, we’ll help you carefully map out the customer engagement flow through your website, including a powerful Call-to-Action that converts your audience into happy new customers.

Create social spin

Now that you have a new and improved website, it’s time to tell your unique story across social media and other online platforms. Getting this message the right way will build credibility, establish familiarity and grow the most valuable commodity in business - trust. From Facebook pages, paid ads, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yelp, and Google, we’ll create and implement a dazzling social media campaign that will connect you with your target market.

Google and search engine rankings

You can have the best-looking website in the world, but if it's not properly optimized and indexed by Google, Bing, Yahoo, and the other search engines, you're missing a golden opportunity. Even when the front-end web build is done, we don't cut corners on optimizing your site so you'll rank high on Google and other search.


Primary Marketing Web Page


Optimize On-line Properties

Pay as you go

Get online at your budget