Start With Realistic Goals To Achieve Social Media Success.

Business media campaigns with the goal of brand and name awareness everywhere, and all-the-time, are difficult to launch without a large marketing budget. Social Media success is within your reach if you start with the first question, what do you want to achieve with Social Media?

Dial-In Your Customers For Social Media That's Not A Distraction.

Knowing when your customers are checking social networks is key to fine-tuning your social media message. And knowing WHEN helps you determine WHO is interested in your company's social media content. Don't be surprised with the discovery; customers steadily check social networks on weekends, sports content is popular on Mondays and Tuesdays, and according to a recent report, food content is 10 times more likely to succeed on Thursday than on Saturday.

Discover Your Customer's Social Networking Habits To Connect And Get Shared.

Satisfy customers with content they want to promote brand and name awareness.

What kind of content do your customers want? Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter provide specific audiences content that's different than YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest. Find out what your customer's like. Your customers might already be on Google+, Slideshare, or Vimeo.

Create social media profiles that intrigue and promote your company's brand.

Complete your social media profile completely and thoroughly. Provide images, descriptions, contact information with directions and a map if that's what your customers need to find your business. Take a hard, long, critical look. Ask yourself the question, "would I follow or like this profile if I found it online?".

Plan a social media content strategy to achieve your website's marketing goals.

Start with the basics. Don't start everywhere and all-the-time unless you've got a big marketing budget to support it. Test the audience of one or two social media network sites to see how potential customer's respond to your content. Remember, timing tells a lot; make a mental note of peak content viewing days and times.

Track your social media progress and adjust for campaign strategy success.

Remember the realistic social media goals you determined earlier? And how you planned a strategy that complements your website's marketing objectives? If done well, your social media objectives are specific, measureable, attainable, relevant, and time-limited. Track and adjust your social media activity using analytics and other measurement tools for total success.

Match social media and website for total marketing success. can do that.

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